Geography Fair

In our school when you are in 7 grade, every year there is a geography fair. In geography class the whole year we learn about a country and in May you do a big display of things and food from your country, so other grades and your parents see what you have been doing in class. I did the geography fair last year and I just loved it, I cant say it was easy doing it and it was very stressful, but at the end I was really happy of how my project turned out. My stress for the project started since the first day of seventh grade, our geography teacher thought it would be best to give each student the country they were going to do, from the first day of school so they got used to it and had more time to prepare for the fair in May.  Getting the country you wanted was practically impossible, the teacher put the names of all the countries in a box, and you had to pick one without looking, you had practically the same possibility of getting the country you wanted as to winning the lottery. Like everyone else I wanted a big country everyone know, because it would be easier to get things to put on your display table and you would at least know were your country was located, because some of the countries in that box I had never heard them before. I was in the last class of the day, and some of my friends had gotten very got countries I wished I had picked. When I sat in the back of the classroom to wait for the teacher to pull out the box everyone was waiting for, my hands started sweating cold, I felt sick of my stomach, I just wanted to get it over with. Each minute made me more nerves, I just wanted the filling of desperation to end, but I felt as if the minutes before the bell rang lasted for hours. It was my turn to pick a piece of paper, and when I opened it I couldn’t believe what I got. Nepal, where was that? I didn’t want to study that country for a whole year. I guess I was really lucky, and when I remember that day I still cant believe anyone would actually want to change my country with hers. Lets just say I have a really good friend, which well… wanted to learn something new because she begged me to change Italy for Nepal. Now that am writing about it, I think I would have liked to stay with Nepal, is that Italy I already knew about, and had gone to visit, but I still was happy with how my projected ended. The fair was really cool, I cant say anything went wrong, but I did get frustrated when all of my classmates were building their booths and my parents hadn’t gotten to my school to help me. Apart from that, I think the Geography Fair was a success, and if I had the chance, I would definitely do it again.

Nothing to write about

I was seating in my bed with my computer in front of me, I had put some music on to see if I could clear my head and start writing, but the only thing I could hear was the clock ticking telling me that it was getting late and I still had no idea what I could blog about. It was weird, with all I talked during the day I never thought that the time would come when I had nothing to write about, or better said I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about. I could write about how much I liked to play tennis, or the cool places I had always wanted to go, but I had already talked about how I liked ballet and said more than enough about the places I wanted to visit, that I was sure everyone was tired of hearing me say I had gone to China and wanted to go to Australia. I thought of other passions I had, because my blog was supposed to be about that, but I just felt that I should give my readers a brake of reading week after week the same story of were I started to do my passion and how much I loved to do it, because honestly, I was tired of writing the same thing over and over again. I wanted to write something that would capture my reader’s attention, that would make them hungry for more, but I guess that was to much to ask from by head that day.  We were also supposed to try and use voice in or post, which stressed me even more because I didn’t even think I had a voice. I was so used to writing the same way week after week that it became a routine, I just couldn’t find a way of braking from it. When my teacher read to our class some examples of posts that had voice in it, some of the really good ones were funny, they entertained you, but that’s just it am not funny. I sometimes say funny things that come out of the bloom, but when am pressured, like when I say a joke (and everyone who knows me knows how “GOOD” those jokes are) they turn up a disaster and no one laughs at them, lets just say I don’t have a career as a comedian. The clock kept ticking, everyone at my house was going to sleep, and I just had edublogs and word open but neither had anything written on them. Everything I thought I could write about would only be about a sentence long even if I write it very detailed, and when I was really got frustrated and my eyes were starting to shut because I was falling asleep, I thought of doing a really long description of my shoes that were lying next to my bed, but that was such a boring idea, that I thought I would fall asleep before even getting to the color of the laces, which would be more than what my readers would last if they read my post. But after I but my clock in the bathroom because I couldn’t stand one more second of its ticking, it came to me, how could I not think of it before, the idea had been their all along. I would write of not knowing what to write, and look at that I was able to write more than 550 words of I don’t even know what, but I was happy of how it turned out and I knew I would be able to sleep in peace with myself. 

China was incredible. I was able to visit some very interesting places, such as the great wall and the Terracota soldiers. The tour my family and I went on, toke us to three different places around China, Beijing the present of China, Xi An that is the past, and Shangai that is the future. In Beijing, that is the capital of China, they toke us to see the great wall. The tour guide told us that going to China and not seeing the wall was like not going to China at all. The wall was made thousand of years ago, it still stands, but it broke into smaller pieces. I went to the part of the Great Wall that was said to be the best part, because it was the longest and had the best view. The Great Wall was four hours away from the center of Beijing, but because it was a holiday in China, it toke us about six hours to get there because of the traffic. They were thousands of people in the Great Wall, it was impossible to get to the very top because of all the people, but we were able to walk on it for a while which was good enough for us. After being three days in Beijing we got on a plane and went to visit Xi An. It was very different from Beijing, because it looked older and the city was very poor. In Xi An we went to see the terracotta solders which was amazing because there were about 800 soldiers made out of terracotta that is a type of stone. The story about why the terracotta soldiers were made was very interesting in my opinion. The soldiers were made because the emperor of China in that time, wanted to be treaded when he died the same way as he was being treaded in his life, with all the servants and worriers to his power. He decided to kill all of the people in his palace, so they would serve him in his next life, but before he made a statue of each person he killed and but them outside his tomb so no one would enter it. It was really amazing to see so many solders, and people because they all had different faces. Because of all the years that have passed since the solders were made many of them were broken into peaces and they were being reconstructed. I also went temples, and some emperor house but the great wall and the terracotta solders were the two things I liked the most. Visiting China was really nice and I hope I can go again, and I also recommend everyone that has the chance to go to China to go because its really fun and  you learn a lot about the place.

A walk to remember

Two days ago, I finished reading a really good back called A Walk To Remember. Two of my friends were reading the same book, so we decided to do a small book club. We decided that after the three of us finished reading the book, we would go and see the movie passed on the book, so we could talk about what was the same and the things the movie was missing that the book had. A walk to remember, is about a boy called Landon that was very popular in school and not a very good student, his friends and him used to bother a girl called Jamie because she was the daughter of a priest that they didn’t like very much, she always wear old woman’s cloth, and she took the bible with her every were she went. When Landon became class president he had go to prom but every girl was already taken, so he decided to take Jamie because it was his only option. After the prom, which was a total mess because Landon’s ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend got in a fight with him, which Jamie had to stop, he entered the drama club because he thought it would be really easy to get the a high grade in it, but ended up getting the lead rule because Jamie asked him as a favor. Landon started walking Jamie to her house after drama class and that’s when they starting falling in love, but he didn’t accept his feelings because all of his friends found Jamie really weird. They started spending more time together, and after Landon saw how beautiful she was because of how she dressed in the play, he fell head over heels for her and vise versa. After being together for about two months, Jamie gave Landon some news that broke his heart. I don’t want to give you the end of the book so you will read it, and that way you will know what news Jamie gave Landon. From 1-10, I would give this book a 9 and a half because at the end it was a bite predictable, but it still made my eyes water. This was a really good but and I recommend you to read it.


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”                                          Victor Hugo

 One of the things I am most passionate about is music. The quote above by Victor Hugo, in my opinion explains exactly what music means to me. Music is such a powerful instrument, it makes people happy, sad, romantic, it’s just a way to express your feeling. Music in my opinion is also a world wide language. I can a sure you that if you go to Europe or Asia that are at the other side of the world, you can still connect with the people in those countries by music, the only thing that changes is the language the words of the song are sang in. I believe music tells a lot about a person’s personality and how they are feeling. In my opinion a person that hears calm, instrumental music is going to have a very different personality than a person who hears rock or pop music. I believe I care so much about music because it is something that is always their. I know this may sound a little weird, but music is like a friend to me. It has helped me through some really ruff times, and it has also be their in my happiest moments.

Music has been in my life since I was little, because my dad’s family is very into music. My grandmother plays brilliantly the piano and the guitar, and from her is were I learned how to play the piano. When I moved to Canada, band was obligatory at my school, and I don’t know way I had all was wanted to play the flout so that was what I played for one year. I then decided I wanted to learn who to play another instrument, so I started playing the clarinet, and played that for a year and a half also. I just love to learn how to play instruments and that’s way now am learning how to play the guitar. From all the instruments I have heard, the guitar is the one I like the most, because to me its sound so peaceful and magical. My dad and my brother also play the guitar, so we sometimes get together and play some songs we all know. Music is very important in my life, and I can’t say I like only one tip of music, such as pop, hip hop, or country, it really depends on how am feeling. If I just had a bad day, I wouldn’t go for a rock song I would probably listen to something more calm and relaxing. Music is very important in my life, and it’s a part of who I am, and that’s way I am so passionate about it.


In my last entry I talked about how much I love to travel, so I am very excited to share that I am going to China.  It has been my dream to go visit Asia for a long time, and it has finally come true. I have been learning Mandarin because I really like languages, so the little Chinese I know is going to help me get from place to place in China. Mandarin is in my opinion one of the hardest languages to learn, one word depending on the punctuation that is on top of it means different things.  You might want to say “mom” in mandarin but because of how you pronounced it you could actually be saying “horse” instead. Visiting China has been my dream for a long time, but I would also like to go to Africa and Australia. I would love to go to Africa because I would be very cool to be able to see elephants and lions and other wild animals while you are going in a safari. I think everyone who has the chance to go to Africa should go, not only because you are going to see a totally different culture, and see wild animals, but because Africa is a very poor place and when you go see how the people in that country live, it really opens your eyes and demonstrates that we should always be thankful for what we have and help others that are in need. Going to Australia has been my dream because everyone who has gone there says that it is beautiful, and imagine being able to see the coral reef which is said to be amazing. I have to admit that I would be pretty scared because a friend that went to Australia told me that there are big spiders their, and I am terrified of spiders. I am very excited of going to China and being able to see amazing things such as the great wall or the human size solders. I am going to inform everyone of my trip while am there.


Traveling to other countries is also one of my passions. My whole family is from Europe so when we go visit them my parents always take my brothers and I to a new country we haven’t gone to. I am pretty sure everyone likes to go traveling to shop and to well shop some more, but what I like is going to museums and historical places to learn about the countries culture, and obviously to shop also. One of the places that I enjoyed visiting was Italy. The country is so beautiful there are so many places to visit, if you ever have the chance to go there all tell you some places you should see. You should definitely go to the coliseum, if you find it amazing in pictures they are nothing compared to the real thing, you can even go inside and a tour guide will tell you the history about the place. Another place you should definitely visit is the tower of Pisa, I was able to go there when they still had it open for the tourist to go to the top, but because every time the tower is inclinating more and more they don’t want to take the risk of losing the tower and something happening to the people that are inside at the time that it falls so its no longer open to the public, but it is still beautiful to look at it from the outside. You should also go to Venecia, even though it smells bad because of the water that isn’t cleaned, you get used to it and it was so cool to be in a city that was on top of the water. The buses, cars, taxis were all boats; it was one of my favorite places in Italy because it was so different from all the places I’m used to going. There are other sites such as the museums, churches, parks, and fountains that make Italy so beautiful; if you ever visit I can promises you, you wont get bored.

Freedom of speech

This week Ms. Rumford asked us to write about what freedom meant to us, and how it relates to edublogs. What freedom means to me, is that I am able to speak out my thoughts and opinion without being judged, that I am able to do whatever I want that doesn’t violate any laws. It also means that I am free, in other words I am not owned by anyone and I have the same rights as everyone else around me. So time ago slavery occurred all over the world, which was when a person was involuntarily sold to another person and they had to do everything their owner told them to do. They were treated as their personal property and some lived in very bad conditions. This in my opinion is an example of not having personal freedom. Slaves were treated as if they were owned by someone else, and didn’t have the rights their owners had. I think freedom relates to blogging, because when we blog we speak out our thoughts and opinions, and that is the hole point of writing in edublogs, is so other people can read what you think about a topic, and other people around the world can write back about their opinions of what you think.


One of my passions that started since I was little, is dancing. Right now I am doing Hip Hop, Ballet, and jazz twice a week for three hours. My dancing passion started when I was three years old, and my mom decided to put me in ballet classes. I stayed in those classes for about two year, which I loved because I felt as a princess. I started dancing flamenco, which is a very popular dance from Spain, at the age of four. My mom had also danced flamenco since she was little and loved it so decided to make me dance it  too. I think from all the different types of dances I have done, flamenco is my favorite, even though its sometimes really hard, and fast I just love the music and the steps that come with it. I was in flamenco for eight year, till my family and I moved to Canada. When I got to Canada I did an audition to de in a program called ITP (intensive training program) which went I had to go every day after school to my dance academy, and stay their doing jazz, ballet, and hip hop till 7:00 pm. I was their for two years, until I moved back to Costa Rica and decided to keep dancing in a place where several of my friends were , but I felt as if I wasn’t advancing because we always did the same steps and routines. So I moved to another academy, and I am pretty happy their. Dancing is one of my passions that I started since I was little, eventhough sometimes I get bored and don’t want to go to my classes, I hope I will keep dancing.                                                         6284flamenco-dancer-i-posters.jpg                                                         This is a flamenco dancer. To dance flamenco you have to have rythom and put passion to the steps you are doing.                                                            ballet_v1_400.jpg This is a ballet dancer. Ballet is very elegant, and the steps are soft and delicate.                                                           jazz-1.jpg This is a picture of some girls doing jazz. Jazz is a mixture of many dances such as tap, and ballet. Jazz is faster and you have to move a lot, and you also need to be flexible because as you can see in the picture above you will need it for the steps you do. [kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] This is a flamenco video [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] This is a ballet video[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] This is a jazz video